This is a new forum dedicated to Bettas and other labyrinth fish.
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ira davis

ira davis

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Age : 49
Location : Lakewood, Co. USA
Registration date : 2007-07-31

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PostSubject: Forum Newbie   Forum Newbie Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 8:00 am

Hi Very Happy

My name is Ira and I live in Denver, Colorado... Lakewood actually but you guys don't really want to know that.

I am currently operating two tanks, both of which were created as biology lessons for my oldest daughter who was fascinated by the fish in LFS when she was two or so (she's now seven).

My first tank is a well planted 55 with a secondary 10 gal adjacent to it.

I keep clown loaches, polka dot loaches, chinese algae eaters, endler live bearers and one fiesty little betta.

I've always kind of liked bettas but was afraid to verbalize it in front of my cichlid keeping peers. lol! Just kidding.

It's sort of like my endlers... I get a lot of crap about keeping glorified guppies. Not kidding.

Anyhow that's a basic rundown of me.

Looks like this is going to be a great site.

Thanks for allowing us to participate.

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Age : 52
Registration date : 2007-07-21

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Newbie   Forum Newbie Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2007 8:12 am

Hi Ira Davis Welcome to the forum, glad you joined in. Just to inform you that this forum will be moving to another host. Here is the link:

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