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 Simple rules

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PostSubject: Simple rules   Simple rules Icon_minitimeSun Jul 22, 2007 12:42 am

This forum is made available for fish keeping hobbyists by fish keeping hobbyists; it is intended to be an open and free board for the exchange of information and ideas. That being said there are some rules that everyone needs to adhere to, so please be ware of the following:

1) Please do not post anything illegal, objectionable or pornographic. We do not actively monitor this board and certainly do not intend to censor it, if a post gets reported with anything we determine to be illegal, objectionable or pornographic, we will delete it. If it is really bad, we will also delete you. If you object to any posts, please refer them to a moderator for review.

2) This board is OPEN for discussions; we do not expect discussions to tiptoe around subjects. As such, stores, institutions and the like may be mentioned in the posts and indeed may well be the subject of posts. If you are the subject of the posts, I suggest you register on the forum and deal with them here and now. Your other option is to take the legal route, once you have spent sufficient money on lawyers to force us to remove the post we will do so. It will certainly be cheaper and easier to do it here and its also good customer service. That being said, this does not give members carte blanche, if someone reports a post and we determine on the posts merits that it should be removed we will do so.

3) We encourage stores and institutions involved with fish keeping to be active on the forum. Your customers are here and so should you be. If you can assist a member with equipment or services, please feel free to let them know. PS - We are not you marketing division and as such if you start spamming this forum with your advertising, we will remove you and your adverts. We have a specific area for your marketing, use it.
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Simple rules
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